Emakina VR Experience at Stereopsia

For the first time since its inaugural edition in 2009, the 3D/XR/AI event Stereopsia will feature an Emakina exhibition! Visitors will have the opportunity to try out one of Emakina’s VR experiences from the 5th to the 7th of December at Bozar in Brussels. Immerse yourself in a magical rainforest Picture yourself in a rainforest, […]

We Just Recovered from Emakina.BE’s Awesome Team Building

Every year, a new challenge arises for Brussels’ MarCom team: after the previous edition’s success, how can this year’s Emakina.BE Team Building event live up to both legacy and expectations? Well, we don’t quite know how, but they did it: the afternoon activity was as entertaining as it was challenging (the jury’s still out about […]

Emakina partners with Hackers on The Runway in Paris

Where better than in Paris to discuss the future of luxury? And who’s better placed than Emakina to fuel this discussion? Hackers on The Runway 2014 in Paris takes a deep dive into relationships and growth opportunities between luxury and digital economy. And Emakina is the proud and happy partner of the event on the […]

Emakina shares vision, ideas and fun at Digital Marketing First

At Digital Marketing First in Brussels this October, Emakina once more was one of the key players. Besides being a main sponsors of this sixth edition of ‘the DMF’, Emakina.BE welcomed the +3000 visitors on its stand, bringing them ‘back to nature with a digital spin’. It was in good company, with Emakina’s The Reference […]

Emakina is proud to host the next GTUG Brussels event

What is GTUG? A GTUG (Google Technology User Group) is an informal meetup open to anyone interested in Google’s developer technologies: ranging from Android and App Engine, to product APIs like YouTube.     Programme: 18:30 Welcome 19:30 Using the USB debugger with Chrome and Chrome for Android to debug a mobile webpage on device. […]

Digital Wave: algorithmisation, chatbot character development and a sensory online experience

What is the next digital wave, and how will it affect your business? Emakina invited 4 inspiring experts to share their answers with 100+ senior e-commerce professionals on Emakina’s 3rd Digital Wave-event.   With over 15 years’ experience with e-commerce strategy and business development, Jorij Abraham was well placed to introduce and question the four […]

Emakina Minifoot Fans Unite for Kickoff

Just because many Emakinians are geeks, doesn’t mean we don’t love us some sports. This is 2015 and mens sana in corpore sano still means something. Especially to people who studied latin. But that’s not the point. The point is: Emakinians love to pretend they know how to football, and they are going to have to […]

From Jobs to Revelation… Emakina’s sneak preview film evening celebrates innovation

Yesterday in Kinepolis Brussels, some 220 guests participed in Emakina’s sneak preview of ‘JOBS’, with Ashton Kutcher in the role of the talented guru entrepreneur. This social event comes at a time in which the digital world seems to be spinning around ever faster. Every day a new power play confronts the main actors on […]

Manuel Diaz présent pour les enjeux de la certification bancaire organisé par Netbenefit le 12 juin 2012.

Protéger les données et prévenir les fraudes bancaires c’est le devoir de tous les commerçants qui traitent des paiements par carte. Pour cela ils faut respecter la norme PCI DSS, le Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard qui est LE standard de sécurité. Son non-respect expose à des amendes, une augmentation des frais de transaction, […]

Events @ The Reference

Starting on February 10th, The Reference is organizing 10 events on different digital subjects. As trend watchers, innovators and opinion makers, they believe it is important to share their insights with customers. Experts of The Ref are happy to provide you with their knowledge and to discuss the best practices of all things digital. You […]

Catch your Next Digital Wave on Sept 13

We’re hosting the third edition of our Digital Wave Event on September 13. Are you ready for your next digital wave? Do you know which wave you want to catch? Emakina is on a mission to set your future goals in digital. We help companies to take the drop and ride their next digital wave. […]

Check Out All the EmHackinathon Projects!

Last weekend, Emakina organized its first hackathon in collaboration with Microsoft Internet of Things. 48 hours of coding, brainstorming, testing, eating, sleeping, designing, laughing frantically from exhaustion after accidentally deleting hours of work, crying on the floor, then building it all back up again while thinking about Kipling’s poem ‘If’ – and many more wonderful […]

Emakina on the move at the international Emakination day

The Emakina Nation, comprising of all the Group’s companies across 5 countries enjoyed its annual get-together at the Knokke Out, near Brussels. This year, Emakinians were “kings of the road”, with over 200 Vespas, winding through country lanes and piling down the motorway with police escort!   Emakinians rule the road, Vespa style.  

Brice Le Blévennec to comment on Apple World Wide Developers Conference

Want to know what the Cupertino gang are cooking? Then don’t miss the rendezvous with RTL’s web-magazine, “Les Teknophiles” June 11th at 19h00! With the Apple WWDC 2012 approaching, developers and fans across the world get in a frenzy. Apple will showcase the new version of its Operating Systems, iOS 6 and OS X Mountain […]

Emakina celebrates 10th anniversary at DMF

Emakina again made a big ‘splash at the DMF this year. Lots of colleagues and invited guests joined the lively discussions, presentations and good times, celebrating the 10th anniversary of Emakina. It was a very exciting first decade, from garage startup to listed company, with a broad, international management team, great combined knowledge and experience […]

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